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T'PAU China In Your Hand (1987) Heart And Soul (1987) Valentine (1988)
TACO Puttin'on The Ritz (1982) Superphysical Resurrection (1984)
TAFFY I Love My Radio (1985) White And Black (1986)
TALK TALK Talk Talk (1982) Today (1982) It's My Life (1984) Such A Shame (1985) Life's What You Make It (1985) Living In Another World (1986)
TALKING HEADS Wild Wild Life (1986) Road To Nowhere (1988)
TAPIE Bernard Réussir Sa Vie (1985)
TAXI-GIRL Cherchez Le Garçon (1980) Mannequin (1980) Jardin Chinois (1981) Quelqu'un Comme Toi (1983) Paris (1984) Aussi Belle Qu'une Balle (1986)
TAXXI Not me girl (1981) Girl (New-York City) (1982)
TEARS FOR FEARS Change (1982) Pale Shelter (1983) Mothers Talk (1984) Shout (1985) Everybody Wants To Rule The World (1985) Head Over Heels (1985) Sowing The Seeds Of Love (1989) Woman In Chains (1989) Advice For The Young At Heart (1990)
TECHNOTRONIC Pump Up The Jam (1989) Get Up (1989) This Beat Is Technotronic (1990)
TELEPHONE Un Peu De Ton Amour (1979) Argent Trop Cher (1980) La Bombe Humaine (1980) J'sais Pas Quoi Faire (1980) Cendrillon (1983) Un Autre Monde (1984) Oublie Ça (1984) New-York Avec Toi (1985) Le Jour S'est Levé (1985)
TELEX Moscow Discow (1980)
TELL Diane Si J'étais Un Homme (1980) Souvent, Longtemps, Enormément (1982) Savoir (1983) Faire À Nouveau Connaissance (1985) On A Besoin D'amour (1985) J'arrive Pas, J'arrive (1986) Paradis D'espace (1986) La Légende De Jimmy (1990)
TEMPER No Favors (1984)
TEMPTATIONS (The) Miss Busy Body (1983)
TEN CITY That's The Way Love Is (1989)
TEPPER Robert Don't Walk Away (1986)
TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY Wishing Well (1987) Dance Little Sister (1987) Sign Your Name (1987) If You Let Me Stay (1987) This Side Of Love (1989)
TERRY Helen Stuttering (1984)
TESS Nirvana (1987)
TEXAS I Don't Want A Lover (1989) Everyday Now (1989)
THIBEAULT Fabienne J'irai Jamais Sur Ton Island (1980) Secrétaire De Star (1982) Chaleur Humaine (1987)
THIEFAINE Hubert-Félix Narcisse 81 (1981)
THIN LIZZY Sarah (1979)
THIRD WORLD 96° In The Shade (1980) Try Jah Love (1982) Lagos Jump (1983) One More Time (1985)
THIS YEARS BLONDE Who's That Mix (1987)
THOMAS Alain Ailleurs (1987)
THOMAS Evelyn High Energy (1984) Masquerade (1984) Heartless (1984)
THOMASS Jeff I Should Should Dance (1986)
THOMPSON TWINS In The Name Of Love (1982) Hold Me Now (1983) Love On Your Side (1983) You Take Me Up (1983) We Are Detective (1983) Doctor! Doctor! (1984) Lies (1984) The Gap (1984) Lay Your Hands On Me (1984) Don't Mess With Doctor Dream (1985)
TIA Baby Talk (1985)
TIDEE-T Sequential Groove (1984)
TIFFANY I Think We're Alone Now (1987) Could"ve Been (1987) Radio Romance (1988) All This Time (1988)
TIGHT FIT The Lions Sleeps Tonight (1982)
TIK AND TOK Screen Me I'm Yours (1984)
TIKARAM Tanita Twist In My Sobriety (1988) Good Tradition (1988)
TIME BANDITS I'm Specialized In You (1982) Listen To The Man When The Golden Voice (1983) I'm Only Shooting Love (1983) Star (1984) Endless Road (1985)
TIMEX SOCIAL CLUB Rumours (1986)
TIMSIT Patrick Manie Ma Nana (1988)
TIMSIT Philippe Henri, Porte Des Lilas (1981)
TIN MACHINE Under The God (1989)
TOESCA Marc Femmes Du Monde (1987)
TOM TOM CLUB Under The Boardwalk (1981) Wordy Rappinghood (1981) Genius Of Love (1981)
TONTON DAVID Peuples du Monde (1990)
TOP FUEL (T'sais) Ni Le Jour, Ni L'heure (1985) Marco Polo (1987)
TOPO and ROBY Under The Ice (1985)
TORR Michèle Midnight Blue En Irlande (1983)
TOSS Est Ce Qu'on S'cherche Ou Est Ce Qu'on Triche (1982)
TOTAL CONTRAST Hit And Run (1985)
TOTO Africa (1982) Make Believe (1982) Rosanna (1982) Stranger In Town (1984) I'll Be Over You (1986) Stop Loving You (1988)
TOTO COELO Milk From The Coconuts (1982) I Eat Cannibals (1982) Dracula's Tango (1982)
TOURE KUNDA Em'ma (1985) Wadini (1986)
TOURITS (The) So Good To Be Back Home Again (1979)
TOWNSHEND Pete Rough Boys (1980)
TOZZI Umberto Gloria (1979) Notte Rosa (1981) Per Angela (1981) Eva (1982) Hurrah (1984)
TOZZI Umberto/RAF Gente Di Mare (1987)
TRAKS Long Train Runnin (1982) Get Ready (1983)
TRANCE DANCE Do The Dance (1986)
TRANSVISION VAMP Tell That Girl To Shut Up (1988) Landslide Of Love (1989)
TRIO Da Da Da (1982) Turaluraluralu (1983)
TRUST Le Matteur (1979) Antisocial (1980) Fatalité (1980) L'élite (1980) Certitude ... Solitude (1981) Ton Dernier Acte (1981) Idéal (1983) Serre Les Poings (1984)
TURBOUST Arnold Adélaîde (1986) Les Envahisseurs (1987) Margarita (1988)
TURBULENT BLUE Fou, Fou, C'est Fou (1984)
TURNER Tina What's Love Got To Do With It (1984) We Don't Need Another Hero (1985) Private Dancer (1985) Typical Male (1986) Two People (1986) Break Every Rule (1986) The Best (1989)
TURNER Tina/ADAMS Bryan It's Only Love (1984)
TWINS (the) The Desert Place (1982) Face To Face (1983) Not The Loving Kind (1983) Ballet Dancer (1983) The Game Of Chance (1984)
TWO MINDS CRACK The Hunger And The Greed (1984)
TWO OF US Blue Night Shadow (1985)
TYLER Bonnie Total Eclipse Of The Heart (1982) Holding Out For A Hero (1984) Here She Comes (1984) Loving You's a Dirty Job But ... (1985) If You Were A Woman (1986) The Best (1988) Hide Tour Heart (1988)
TYLER Bonnie & OLDFIELD Mike Islands (1987)
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