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P.LION Happy Children (1984) Dream (1984) Believe Me (1985)
PACIFIQUE Quand Tu Serres Mon Corps (1989) Sans Un Remords (1990) Quelque Chose En Toi (1990)
PACO Amor De Mis Amores (1988)
PACO Jean-Claude Métal Hurlant (1985)
PAIGE Elaine / DICKSON Barbara I Know Him So Well (1984)
PAGNY Florent N'importe Quoi (1987) Laissez-Nous Respirer (1988) Presse Qui Roule (1990) Ca fait des nuits (1990)
PALATINO Gino Vendetta A Parigi (1982) Bouba Star (1984)
PALMA Make Me Love Again (1988)
PALMER Robert Looking For Clues (1980) Johnny And Mary (1980) Some Guys Have All The Luck (1981) I Didn't Mean To Turn You On (1985) Addicted To Love (1986)
PALMER Robert / UB40 "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" (1990)
PANIC Move Your Body (1983)
PANKIONE Philippe Archi Fou (1988)
PAPARAZZI Tant D'amour (1986)
PARADIS Vanessa La Magie Des Surprises Party (1985) Joe Le Taxi (1987) Manolo Manolete (1987) Marilyn Et John (1987) Maxou (1988) Coupe Coupe (1989) Dis Lui Toi Que Je T'aime (1990) Tandem (1990)
PARIS Ryan Dolce Vita (1983) Fall In Love (1984)
PARIS FRANCE Paris France Transit (1982) Child (1982)
PARKER Graham Stupefaction (1980)
PARKER Paul Right On Target (1982) One Look Was Enough (1987)
PARODISIAK Flop 50 (1989)
PARR John Naughty Naughty (1984) St-Elmo's Fire (1985) Don't Leave Your Mark On Me (1986)
PARTENAIRE PARTICULIER Partenaire Particulier (1985) Elle Est Partie (1986) Je N'oublierais Jamais (1986) Tiphaine (1986) L'armée (1988)
PASADENAS (The) Tribute (1988) Enchanted Lady (1988) Riding On a Train (1988) Love Thing (1990)
PASO DOBLE Computerliebe (1984) Herz An Herz (1985) Magische Nacht (1986)
PASSE SIMPLE Viens Vers Moi (1987) Deborah (1988)
PASSION Besoin De Toi (1984) J'veux Qu'on M'aime (1985) Toujours Envie d'Elle (1986) Africaine (1987)
PASSIONS (The) I'm In Love With A German Film Star (1981)
PASTEUR Jeromine Selva (1989)
PASTOR Thierry Le Coup De Folie (1981) Sur Des Musiques Noires (1985) Equateur (1986)
PAT METHENY GROUP et BOWIE David This Is Not America (1985)
PATSY Liverpool (1988) Comme Un Appel (1989)
PATTI Guesch Etienne (1987) Let Be Must The Queen (1988) Cul Cul Clan (1988) Bon Anniversaire (1988)
PATTO Black And White (1983)
PATUREL Sabine Les Bêtises (1985) P'tit Bouchon (1987)
PAUL COLLINS' BEAT All Over The World (1984)
PAYOLAS Eyes Of The Stranger (1982)
PEBBLES Girlfriend (1985)
PEGGY He Ha Ho (1986)
PEPSI and SHIRLIE Heartache (1986) Goodbye Stranger (1987) Can't Give Me Love (1987)
PERLE NOIRE La Souris (1988)
PERLMAN Dan Ça Ne Change Rien À La Musique (1982)
PERRIER Cher I Wanna Dance! (1986)
PERSONNE Paul Barjo Land (1984)
PERUSAT Isabelle Circumstance Café (1988)
PET SHOP BOYS West End Girls (1986) Suburbia (1986) It's A Sin (1987) Heart (1987) Always On My Mind (1988) It's Alright (1989)
PETER AND THE WOLF Peter And The Wolf (1986)
PETER et SLOANE Besoin De Rien, Envie De Toi (1984) C'est La Vie D'chateau Avec Toi (1985)
PETERJACQUES BAND Walking On Music (1979)
PEYRAC Nicolas Et Même (1989)
PH.D I Won't Let You Down (1981) I Didn't Know (1983)
PHENOMENA Dance With The Devil (1985)
PHILLIPS Claudia Quel Soucie La Boêtie (1987) Souvenez-Vous De Nous (1988) Juste Un Peu Sauvage (1989) Danny (1989) Cache Ta Joie (1990)
PHILEAS FOGG Chanteur Aventurier (1987)
PHOTOS (The) There's Always Work (1983)
PIANO FANTASIA Walkman (1982) Song For Denise (1985)
PICK Jean-Louis Pas M'lever (1982)
PICNIC AT THE WHITEHOUSE We Need Protection (1985)
PIETRI Julie Magdalena (1979) Merci (1980) Let's Fall In Love (1981) Et C'est Comme Si (1982) Je Veux Croire (1982) Amoureux Fous (1983) (En duo avec Herbert Léonard) Tora Tora Tora (1984) Dernier Appel (1984) Eve Lève Toi (1986) Nouvelle Vie (1987) Nuit Sans Issue (1987) Priez Pour Elle (1989) Salammbo (1989)
PIGALLE Dans La Salle Du Bar Tabac De La Rue Des Martyrs (1990)
PIGBAG Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag (1981)
PIJON Cache Cache Party (1986) Mensonges D'une Nuit D'été (1987)
PINK FLOYD Another Brick In The Wall (1979)
PINK PROJECT Disco Project (1982) B Project (1983)
PINO D'ANGIO Ma Quale Idea (1980)
PITT William City Lights (1986) Funny Girl (1987)
PHIL N'THE BLANKS Autosex (1980)
PLANET P Why Me (1983)
PLAZA O-oh (1990) Yo-Yo (1990)
PLEIN SUD Shangai (1984) Au Bout De La Nuit (1985) C'est Nulle Part Ailleurs (1986) Rien Qu'un Instant (1987)
POINDEXTER Buster Hot Hot Hot (1987)
POINTER Bonnie Heaven Must Have Sent You (1979)
POINTER SISTERS He's So Shy (1980) Slow Hand (1981) Automatic (1983) Jump (For My Love) (1983) Neutron Dance (1984) Dare Me (1985) Goldmine (1986)
POISON Every Rose Has It's Thorn (1988)
POLICE (the) De Do Do Do De Da Da Da (1979) Message In A Bottle (1979) Walking On The Moon (1979) Bring On The Night (1979) Don't Stand So Close To Me (1980) Spirits In The Material World (1981) Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (1981) Every Breath You Take (1983)
POLNAREFF Michel Tam Tam (1981) Viens Te Faire Chahuter (1984) Toi Et Moi (1989)
PONSAR Serge Out In The Night (1983)
POP CONCERTO ORCHESTRA Eden Is A Magic World (1982)
PORTE MENTAUX (Les) Elsa Fraulein (1987)
POWER Romina e BANO Al Felicita (1982) Ci Sara (1984)
POWER STATION The Some Like It Hot (1985)
POZZOLI Silver Around My Dream (1985)
PREFAB SPROUT When Love Breaks Down (1985) Cars And Girls (1988) The King Of Rock'n Roll (1988)
PREFACE Palace Hotel (1986)
PRESTON Billy If You Let Me Love You (1984)
PRETENDERS Brass In Pocket (1979) Day After Day (1981) I Go To Sleep (1982) Don't Get Me Wrong (1986)
PRIMA DONNA Love Enough For Two (1980)
PRIMADONNA Flashing On The Floor (1985)
PRIMITIVES (The) Crash (1988)
PRINCE Controversy (1981) 1999 (1982) Purple Rain (1984) When Doves Cry (1984) Pop Life (1985) Kiss (1986) Girls And Boys (1986) Sign O' The Times (1987) Batdance (1989)
PRINCESS Say I'm Your N°1 (1985) After The Love Has Gone (1985) I'll Keep On Loving You (1986)
PRINCESS ERIKA Trop De Bla Bla (1988)
PROPAGANDA Dr Mabuse (1984) P.Machinery (1985) Duel (1985)
PROPAGANDA FOR FRANKIE P.Machinery/Relax (Medley) (1986) Notorious/Le Freak (Medley) (1987)
PSEUDO ECHO Funky Town (1987)
PSY Laisse Moi Jouer (1989) Angelina (1990)
PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED Flowers Of Romance (1981) This Is Not A Love Song (1984)
PURE ENERGY Love Game (1983)
PUTERFLAM Claude La Petite (1982)
PY Dominique Stéphane (1989)
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