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WAGNER Jack All I Need (1984)
WAITE John Missing You (1984) Every Step Of The Way (1985) If Anybody Had A Heart (1986)
WALDO You Bring Out The Freak In Me (1982)
WALSH Steve Ain't No Stoppin Us Now (1988) Let's Get Together Tonite (1988)
WANDELMER Emile Amazonie (1989)
WANG CHUNG Don't Be My Enemy (1983) Dance Hall Days (1984) Don't Let Go (1984) Fire In The Twilight (1985) Let's Go (1986) Everybody Have Fun Tonight (1986)
WAR You Got The Power (1982)
WARD Anita Don't Drop My Love (1979) Ring My Bell (1979)
WARD BROTHERS (The) Cross That Bridge (1986)
WARNES Jennifer First We Take Manhattan (1987)
WARNES Jennifer et Joe COCKER Up Where We Belong (1982)
WARNES Jennifer / MEDLEY Bill (I've Had) The Time Of My Life (1987)
WARRANT Cherry Pie (1990)
WARWICK Dionne Heartbreaker (1982)
WAS NOT WAS Walk The Dinosaur (1987)
WATERBOYS (The) A Girl Called Johnny (1983)
WATERS Roger The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking (1984)
WAX Bridge To Your Heart (1987) In Some Other World (1988)
WAX Rock À Hong-Kong (1984)
WAYNE AND KAY Be My Girl (1987)
WAYNE Charlie Deeper Than Love (1982)
WEATHER GIRLS It's Raining Men (1982)
WEBER Florence Tatoue Moi (1989)
WEE PAPA GIRL RAPPERS (The) Heat It Up (1988) Wee Rule (1988)
WEEK'S AND CO Rock Your World Yo Ho (1982)
WENDY AND LISA Sideshow (1988)
WERNER Max Rain In May (1990)
WEST STREET MOB Break Dance Electric Boogie (1983)
WET WET WET Sweet Little Mystery (1987) Angel Eyes (1987) Wishing I Was Lucky (1989)
WHAM! Wham Rap! (1982) Young Guns (Go For It) (1982) Bad Boys (1983) Club Tropicana (1983) Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (1984) Last Christmas (1984) Everything She Wants (1984) Freedom (1984) I'm Your Man (1985) The Edge Of Heaven (1986) Where Did Your Heart Go ? (1986)
WHISPERS And The Beat Goes On (1979) It's a Love Thing (1981)
WHITE Barry Change (1982) Sho' You Right (1987)
WHITE LION When The Children Cry (1989)
WHITE Snowy Bird Of Paradise (1983)
WHITE WOLF She (1986)
WHITESNAKE Is This Love (1987)
WHODINI Magic's Wand (1983) The Haunted House Of Rock (1983)
WILDE Kim Kids In America (1981) Chequered Love (1981) Cambodia (1982) View From A Bridge (1982) Child Come Away (1982) Dancing In The Dark (1983) Love Blonde (1983) House Of Salome (1983) The Second Time (1984) Bitter Is Better (1984) Rage To Love (1984) You Keep Me Hangin'on (1986) You Came (1988) Never Trust A Stranger (1988) Can't Get Enough (1990)
WILDE Kim et JUNIOR Another Step (Closer To You) (1986) Hey Mister Heartache (1988)
WILDE Kim et VOULZY Laurent Les Nuits Sans Kim Wilde (1985)
WILDER Matthew Break My Stride (1983) The Kid's American (1984)
WILLER Noë Femme Publique (1985) L'épouvantail (1986) Sur Minitel (1986)
WILLIAM' Linda Traces (1988) L'autre Soleil (Ha-Ha) (1989) Rebelle (1989)
WILLIAMS Deniece Let's Hear It For A Boy (1984) Wiser And Weaker (1986)
WILLIAMS Vanessa The Right Stuff (1988)
WILLIAMS Vesta Once Bitten Twice Shy (1986)
WILLIS Bruce Under The Boardwalk (1987)
WILLS Viola Gonna Get Along Without You Now (1984)
WILSON Ann and RENO Mike Almost Paradise (1984)
WILSON Jackie Reet Petite (1986)
WILSON Mari Just What I Always Wanted (1982)
WINGS Goodnight Tonight (1979)
WINWOOD Steve While You See A Chance (1980) Higher Love (1986) Valerie (1987)
WISH Mr Dj (1983)
WITHERS Bill Lovely Day (1988)
WOLF Peter Lights Out (1984) Come As You Are (1987)
WOMACK AND WOMACK Teardrops (1988) Celebrate The World (1989)
WONDER Stevie Master Blaster (1980) Happy Birthday (1980) I Ain't Gonna Stand For It (1980) Do I Do (1982) Ebony & Ivory (1982) En duo avec Paul McCartney Love Light In Flight (1984) I Just Called To Say I Love You (1984) Part Time Lover (1986) Overjoyed (1985) Free (1988) Get it (1988) En duo avec Michael Jackson
WYATT Joanna Stupid Cupid (1982)
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