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M Pop Muzik (1979) Moonlight And Muzak (1979) Official Secrets (1980)
MACHIAVEL Fly (1981)
MACADAM C'est l'Enfer (1980)
MADER Jean-Pierre Au Bout De Son Voyage (1982) Disparue (1984) Macumba (1985) Un Pied Devant L'autre (1985) Jalousie (1985) Outsider Dans Son Coeur (1986) Rêver Plus Beau (1987) Obsession (1987) En Résumé En Conclusion (1989)
MADNESS One Step Beyond (1979) Night Boat To Cairo (1979) My Girl (1979) Baggy Trousers (1980) Embarrassment (1980) Our House (1981) House Of Fun (1982)
MADONNA Holiday (1983) Borderline (1983) Material Girl (1984) Like A Virgin (1984) Angel (1985) Dress You Up (1985) Into The Groove (1985) Gambler (1985) Crazy For You (1985) Papa Don't Preach (1986) Live To Tell (1986) Open Your Heart (1986) True Blue (1986) La Isla Bonita (1987) Who's That Girl (1987) The Look Of Love (1987) Causing a Commotion (1987) Like A Prayer (1989) Cherish (1989) Express Yourself (1989) Vogue (1990)
MAFFAY Peter So Bist Du (1979) Weil Es Dich Gibt (1980)
MAGAZINE 60 Don Quichotte (1985) Rendez-Vous Sur La Costa Del Sol (1986) Pancho Villa (1986)
MAGDANE Roland Pas le Temps (D'aller Voir la mer) (1983)
MAGIC POWER Walking Down The Street (1983)
MAHJUN Baby-Sitter (1980)
MAI TAI Body and soul (1984) History (1985)
MAIRESSE Valérie Si Ma Gueule Vous Plaît (1981)
MAISONNETTES (the) Heartache Avenue (1982)
MAJIK You Gotta Get Up (1982)
MAJOR TOM Bons Baisers Du Major Tom (1987) Tu Déconnes (1988)
MAKAGA Didier Shé-Bran" (1985)
MAKE UP She's Number One (1985)
MALTESE Laurent Evelyne (1988)
MANARANCHE Alain Deux Marins Et Moi (1986) Les Oiseaux Sans Ailes (1987) Colle-Moi Loulou (1989)
MANDIANO Sarah Ombre Chinoise (1984)
MANDY Boys And Girls (1988)
MANILOW Barry I Wanna Do It With You (1982)
MANO NEGRA Pas Assez De Toi (1990)
MANTRONIX Got To Have Your Love (1989)
MARCEAU Sophie Bérézina (1985)
MARCEAU Sophie et VALERY François Dream In Blue (1981)
MARCHAL Frédérick Quand Vient La Nuit (1989)
MARIE Everybody Says Yeah ! (L'homme Qui Dit No) (1987)
MARIE Kelly Breakout (1984)
MARIE Teena Lovergirl (1984)
MARIETTA Fire And Ice (1986)
MARILLION Kayleigh (1985) Lavender (1985) Incommunicado (1987) Easter (1990)
MARILYN Calling Your Name (1983)
MARION Nathaly Donnez-Moi Rendez-Vous (1983)
MARLEY AND THE WAILERS Bob Zimbabwe (1979) Could You Be Loved (1980)
MARLOW Robert The Face Of Dorian Gray (1983)
MARLOWE Scott Living In A Chinatown (1984)
MARROW Lee Shanghaï (1985)
MARRS Pump The Volume (1987)
MARSAN Bernard Comme Avant (1980)
MARSHALL Keith Silver And Diamonds (1981) Only Crying (1981)
MARTIKA Toy Soldiers (1989)
MARTIN Linda Terminal 3 (1984)
MARTIN Moon Bad News (1980) X-Ray Vision (1982)
MARTIN Yves Cité De Malheur (1984)
MARTINELLI Cenerentola (1985)
MARTINEZ Nancy For Tonight (1986) Move Out (1987)
MARTON Sandy People From Ibiza (1984) Exotic And Erotic (1985) Camel By Camel (1985) White Storm In The Jungle (1986) Modern Lovers (1986)
MARY JANE GIRLS In My House (1985)
MARYSE Mal De Toi (1982) La Rencontre (1983)
MARX Richard Right Here Waiting (1989) Angelia (1989) Children Of The Night (1990)
MAS Jeanne Toute Première Fois (1984) Johnny Johnny (1985) Coeur En Stéréo (1985) En Rouge Et Noir (1986) L'enfant (1986) La Bête Libre (1987) Sauvez-Moi (1987) Y'a Des Bons (1988) Carolyne (1989) J'accuse (1989) Bébé Rock (1990) Shakespeare (1990)
MASQUES Ne Perds Pas Le Feeling (1988)
MASQUERADE Guardian Angel (1983)
MASSE Julie C'est Zéro (1990)
MASTER GENIUS Let's Break Into The 80's (1984)
MATHIEU Mireille Une Femme Amoureuse (1980)
MATHIEU Mireille et DUFFY Patrick Together We're Strong (1983)
MATIA BAZAR Ti Sento (1986)
MATT BIANCO Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed (1983) More Than I Can Bear (1985) Yeh Yeh (1985) Whose Side Are You On ? (1985) Just Can't Stand It (1986) Dancing In The Street (1986) Don't Blame It On That Girl (1988)
MATTERHORN PROJECT Muh ! (1985) Sex (1988)
MAUREEN Tu Me Tues (1988)
MAURANE Qu'est ce Qui t'fait Peur (1986) Toutes Les Mamas (1989)
MAURICE Jean-François 28° À L'ombre (1982) Maeva 300 Jours Sans Voir La Mer (1985)
MAX-HIM Lady Fantasy (1985)
MAX VALENTIN (Les) Les Maux Dits (1987) Printemps Parapluie (1988)
MAXI PRIEST Close To You (1990)
MAY DAY Fantasy (1985)
MCCARTNEY Paul Coming Up (1980) No More Lonely Nights (1984) My Brave Face (1989) The Girl Is Mine (1982) En duo avec Michel Jackson Ebony And Ivory (1982) En duo avec Stevie Wonder Say Say Say (1983) en duo avec Michael jackson
MCCRAE George One Step Closer (1984)
MCDONALD Michaël Sweet Freedom (1986)
MCDONALD Michaël / INGRAM James Ya Mo B There (1983)
MCLAREN Malcolm Double Dutch (1983) Waltz Darling (1989)
MCKANE Lorraine Let The Night Take The Blame (1984)
MCKAY Allan Help Me Stay (1986) Why (1989)
MCKENZIE Tony Ha Chica (1983) Come On, Come On (1984) Lolita (1985)
MCVIE Christine Love Will Show Us How (1984)
MC HAMMER U Cant Touch This (1990) Pray (1990)
M.C.MIKER G and DEEJAY SVEN Holiday Rap (1986) Celebration Rap (1986)
M.C SAR and THE REAL MAC COY It's On You (1990) Don't Stop (1990)
M.C SOLAAR Bouge De Là (1990)
McMANN Gérard Cry Little Sister (1987)
MDMC How About It (1984)
MECANO La Fiesta National (1983) Une Femme Avec Une Femme (1990)
MEDEIROS Elli Toi Mon Toit (1986) A Bailar Calypso (1986)
MEDEIROS Glen Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You (1986) Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone (1986) Long And Lasting Love (1988) Un Roman D'amitié (1987) She Ain't Worth It (Ft Bobby Brown) (1990)
MEDEIROS Glenn & ELSA Un Roman D'amitié (1987)
MEDLEY Bill / WARNES Jennifer (I've Had) The Time Of My Life (1987)
MEL AND KIM Showing Out (1986) Respectable (1987) F.L.M. (1987) That's The Way It Is (1988)
MELODY Y'a Pas Que Les Grands Qui Rêvent (1989) Le Prince Du Roller (1990) Chariot D'étoiles (1990)
MEN AT PLAY Dr Jam (1983)
MEN AT WORK Down Under (1981) Who Can It Be Now ? (1981) Dr Heckyll And Mr Jive (1982) Overkill (1983) It's A Mistake (1983) Everything I Need (1985)
MENEZ Bernard Jolie Poupée (1983) Qu'est C'qu'il A En Haut (1984)
MEN WITHOUT HATS The Safety Dance (1982) Pop Goes The World (1987)
METAL MARATHON The Heavy's (1989)
METISS Betty Ramdam (1988)
MEYER Anita Why Tell Me Why (1981)
MEZZOFORTE Garden Party (1983)
MI-SEX Computer Games (1979)
MIAMI SOUND MACHINE Dr Beat (1984) Conga (1985) Bad Boy (1985) Hot Summer Nights (1986) Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (1987)
MICHAEL George Careless Whisper (1984) A Different Corner (1986) One More Try (1987) I Want Your Sex (1987) Monkey (1987) Faith (1987) I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) avec Aretha Franklin (1987) Father Figure (1987) Freedom! (1990) Praying For Time (1990)
MIDI V Belle Comme Isabelle (1988)
MIDLER Bette The Rose (1979)
MIDNIGHT OIL Beds Are Burning (1987) The Dead Heart (1988) Put Down That Weapon (1989) Blue Sky Mine (1990) Bedlam Bridge (1990)
MIDNIGHT STAR Operator (1984) Midas Touch (1986)
MIKADO Naufrage En Hiver (1985) La Fille Du Soleil (1987)
MIKE AND THE MECHANICS Can You Hear Me "Silent Running" (1985) All I Need Is A Miracle (1986)
MILAN Micky Quand Tu Danses (1982)
MILES Jan You Shouldn't Do Me Like That (1982)
MILK AND HONEY Alléluia (1979)
MILLI VANILLI Girl You Know It's True (1988) Girl I'm Gonna Miss You (1989) Blame It On The Rain (1989) Baby Don't Forget My Number (1989)
MILLION Jeb Speed Up My Heartbeat (1986)
MILLS Stéphanie Never Knew Love Like This Before (1980) Bit By Bit (1985)
MILLS Warren Sunshine (1985)
MILVA Alexander Platz (1982)
MINI-STAR Danse Autour De La Terre (1984)
MINNELLI Liza Losing My Mind (1989)
MINO Assez Super (1980) Les Mocassins (1981) Le Chef De La Bande (1982) Nez En L'air (1984)
MINOGUE Kylie The Locomotion (1987) I Should Be So Lucky (1987) Got To Be Certain (1988) Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (1988) Wouldn't Change A Thing (1989) Hand On Your Heart (1989) Never Too Late (1989) Better The Devil You Know (1990) Step Back In Time (1990)
MINOGUE Kylie et DONOVAN Jason Especially For You (1988)
MINT JULEPS Every Kinda People (1987)
MIRAGE No More No War (1985)
MIRANDA Betty Take Me To The Top (1984) Dance (1985)
MISSING PERSONS Destination Unknown (1982)
MISSION Miko How Old Are You (1984) The World Is You (1985) Two For Love (1985)
MISSION (The) Tower Of Strength (1988)
MITCHELL Eddy Couleur Menthe À L'eau (1980) Le Cimetière Des Éléphants (1982)
MITSOU Bye Bye Mon Cowboy (1988)
MODERN TALKING You're My Heart, You're My Soul (1985) Cheri Cheri Lady (1985) You Can Win If You Want (1985) Brother Louie (1986) Atlantis Is Calling (1986) Geronimo's Cadillac (1986) Jet Airliner (1987)
MONDINO Jean Baptiste La Danse Des Mots (1983)
MONEY Eddie Take Me Home Tonight (1986) I Wanna Go Back (1986)
MONROE Hotel International (1988) Venise (1988)
MONROE Playing Good Music (1983)
MONTAGNE Gilbert On Va S'aimer (1983) Les Sunlights Des Tropiques (1984) J'ai Le Blues De Toi (1984) Au Soleil (Robinson Crusoë) (1985) Quelques notes de Musique (1986)
MONTE KRISTO The Girl Of Lucifer (1985) Sherry Mi Saï (1986) Lady Valentine (1986)
MONTIEL Bernard Absoludément Fou (1989)
MOON RAY Comanchero (1985) Viva (1985)
MOOR Lova Et Je Danse (1988) J'm'en Balance (1989)
MOORE Christopher Love Me Tonight (1982)
MOORE Gary Out In The Field (1985) After The War (1988)
MOORE Jackson If It's Love (1984)
MOORE Melba Love's Comin' At Ya (1982) Keepin' My Lover Satisfied (1983)
MORANE Kevin Break Dance (1984)
MORENA Eric Oh Mon Bateau (1987) Ramon Et Pedro (1987)
MORGEN Alix Explose (1985)
MORIN Amélie J'étais Venue Pour Dire Bonjour (1981) J' m'ennuie Toute Seule Dans Mon Tableau (1984)
MORODER Giorgio And OAKEY Phil Together In Electric Dreams (1984) Good-Bye Bad Times (1985)
MORRIS Tonight's The Night (1985)
MORY KANTE Yéké Yéké (1987)
MOSES We Just (1985)
MOSES Rick If I Could Just Fall In Love (1985)
MOTELS (The) Total Control (1979) Shame (1985)
MOTI SPECIAL Cold Days Hot Nights (1984) Don't Be So Shy (1985)
MOTLEY CRUE Smoking In The Boys Room (1985)
MOTOR CITY CREW (The) Scratch Break (1983)
MOTORS (The) Airport (1979)
MOUROUSI Yves 19 (1985)
MOVIE MUSIC Stars De La Pub (1982)
MOVING PICTURES What About Me (1982)
MOYET Alison All Cried Out (1984) Invisible (1984) That Ole Devil Called Love (1985) Is This Love (1986) Love Letters (1987) Weak In The Presence Of Beauty (1987)
MR MISTER Broken Wings (1985) Kyrie (1985)
MURAT Jean-Louis L'Ange Déchu (1989) Te Garder Près De Moi (1990)
MURDOCK Lydia Superstar (1983)
MURPHY Eddie Boogie In Your Butt (1982) Party All The Time (1985)
MUSICAL YOUTH Pass The Dutchie (1982) Youth Of Today (1982) Never Gonna Give You Up (1982)
MUTIN Thierry Sketch Of Love (1988) Conquistador (1989)
MY MINE Hypnotic Tango (1984) Cupid Girl (1985) Can Delight (1986)
MYLES Alannah Black Velvet (1989)
MYRIAM Marie Tout Est Pardonné (1987) Dis-Moi Les Silences (1988) En Plein Coeur (1988)
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