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J.GEILS BAND (The) Centerfold (1981) Fright Night (1985)
JACK'S PROJECT Wake Up (1987)
JACKETTI AND THE SCOOTERS Roberto I save the day (1984)
JACKSON Janet Nasty (1986) When I Think Of You (1986) What Have You Done For Me Lately (1986) Let's Wait Awhile (1987) Escapade (1989) Miss You Much (1989)
JACKSON Jermaine You Got To Hurry Girl (1980) Let's Get Serious (1980) Do What You Do (1984) Sweetest Sweetest (1984) When The Rain Begins To Fall (1984) (avec Pia Zadora) Dynamite! (1984)
JACKSON Joe Beat Crazy (1980) Steppin'out (1983)
JACKSON La Toya Bet' Cha Gonna Need My Lovin' (1983) Heart Don't Lie (1984) He's A Pretender (1986)
JACKSON Michael Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (1979) Off The Wall (1979) Billie Jean (1982) Pretty Young Thing (1982) The Girl Is Mine (1982) En duo avec Paul McCartney Beat It (1983) Thriller (1983) Dirty Diana (1987) Liberian Girl (1987) The Way You Make Me Feel (1987) I Just Can't Stop Loving You (1987) Man In The Mirror (1987) Another Part Of Me (1987) Smooth Criminal (1988) Leave Me Alone (1988) Bad (1989) Say Say Say (1983) En duo avec Paul McCartney Get It (1988) En duo avec Stvie Wonder
JACKSONS Torture (1984) State Of Shock (1984) Nothin (That Compares 2 U) (1989)
JACKY et LIO Tétéou (1984)
JACNO Rectangle (1979)
JAGGER Mick Just Another Night (1985) Let's Work (1987)
JAGGER Mick et BOWIE David Dancing In The Street (1985)
JAIRO Les Jardins Du Ciel (1980) Forte Più, Forte Di Me (1981)
JAM (The) Town Called Malice (1982)
JAM MACHINE (The) Everyday (1989)
JAMAIS BLEU Touché Couché (1987) Cinéma Cinéma (1987)
JAMES Freddie Get Up And Boogie (1979) Music Takes Me Higher (1981)
JAMES Rick Super Freak (1981) Give It To Me Baby (1981) Cold Blooded (1983) 17 (1984) Sweet And Sexy Thing (1986)
JAMISON Janiece/FELDMAN François Joue Pas (1989)
JANE Jennifer I'm A Winner (1985)
JANKEL Chaz Glad To Know You (1981) Without You (1983) Number One (1985)
JANKEL Chaz & JONES Brenda You're My Occupation (1986)
JANNOT Véronique J'ai Fait L'amour Avec La Mer (1982) Désir, Désir (1984) avec Laurent Voulzy Si T'as Pas Compris (1985) Aviateur (1988)
JARRE Jean Michel Equinoxe (1979) Les Chants Magnétiques (1981) Orient-Express (1982) Zoolook (1984) Zoolookologie (1985) Rendez-Vous (1986)
JAYNE Lesley Rockin With My Radio (1981) Sailing Away (1982) Hot Promises (1982) Not To Be (1985)
JAZZY DEE Get On Up (1983)
JEANNE Laurent Ramenez Moi Vivant (1986)
JEANNIE Freedom (1986)
JEFF HEALEY BAND (The) I Think I Love You To Much (1990)
JEFFREYS Garland Modern Lovers (1981)
JELLYBEAN Who Found Who (1987) The Real Thing (1987) Jingo (1987)
JENAC Christophe Bleu De Chine (1985) Nous N'avons Pas Choisi Ce Monde (1985) Ca Fait Mal (1987) Swimming Pool (1988) Trois Filles Dans Mes Bras (1989)
JENNIFER Le Film À L'envers (1981)
JEROME Extra Special (1985)
JETS (The) You Better Dance (1989)
JETT Joan I Love Rock'n Roll (1982)
JIANI Carol Hit'n Run Lover (1981)
JILLIAN Stephen Sarah Sarah (1987)
JIVE BUNNY Swing The Mood (1989) That's What I Like (1989) Let's Party (1989)
JOBERT Marlène C'est Un Éternel Besoin D'amour (1984)
JOEL Billy Honesty (1979) Don't Ask Me Why (1980) Uptown Girl (1983) A Matter Of Trust (1986) We Didn't Start The Fire (1989)
JOELLE Aime-Moi (1982)
JOHN Elton Thunder In The Night (1979) Little Jeanie (1980) Donner Pour Donner (1980) avec France Gall Blue Eyes (1982) I'm Still Standing (1983) Sad Songs (1984) Nikita (1985) Sacrifice (1989) Whispers (1989)
JOHNNY HATES JAZZ I Don't Want To Be A Hero (1987) Shattered Dreams (1987) Turn Back The Clock (1987) Don't Say It's Love (1988) Heart Of Gold (1988)
JOHNSON Don Voice On A Hotline (1986) Heartbeat (1986)
JOHNSON Holly Heaven's Here (1989)
JOHNSON Paul No More Tomorrow (1989)
JOLI France Come To Me (1979) Gonna Get Over You (1981)
JOLIVET Marine Comme Un Pop Corn (1986)
JON AND VANGELIS I'll Find My Way Home (1981)
JONASZ Michel Joueurs De Blues (1981) Lord Have Mercy (1982) La Fm Qui S'est Spécialisée Funky (1985) La Boite De Jazz (1985)
JONES Gloria Body Heat (1982)
JONES Grace I've Seen That Face Before (1981) Slave To The Rhythm (1985) I'm Not Perfect (1986)
JONES Howard What Is Love (1983) New Song (1983) Like To Get To Know You Well (1984) Things Can Only Get Better (1985) Look Mama (1985) No One Is To Blame (1986)
JONES Marti Inside These Arms (1986)
JONES Quincy Ai No Corrida (1981) Betcha' Wouldn't Hurt Me (1981)
JONES Ronnie The Captain Of Her Heart (1986)
JOSEPH David Be A Star (1983) You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me) (1983)
JOSEPH Jeff Banana Sweet (1988)
JOURNEY Who's Crying Now (1981) Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (1983)
JOY DIVISION Love Will Tear Us Apart (1983)
JUNGLE BOYS Appel De La Nuit (1987)
JUNIOR Mama Used To Say (1981) Runnin' (1983) Communication Breakdown (1983)
JUNIOR et WILDE Kim Another Step (Closer To You) (1986) Hey Mister Heartache (1988)
JUVET Patrick Lady Night (1979) Sans Amour (1981) Rêves Immoraux (1982) Getting To The Heart Of Me (1983) Rêve (1988)
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