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A BIGGER SPLASH  I Don't Believe A Word (1984)
A CAUS' DES GARCONS  A Caus' Des Garçons (1987) Faire Les Voyous (1988) Pas Envie D'expliquer (1989)
A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS I Ran (1982) Space Age Love Song (1982) Wishing (If I had a photograph of you) (1982) Transfer Affection (1983)
ABBA  Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (1979) Voulez-Vous (1979) Super Trouper (1980) The Winner Takes It All (1980) The Day Before You Came (1982)
ABBOTT Gregory Shake You Down (1986)
ABC Tears are Not Enough (1981) The Look Of Love (1982) Poison Arrow (1982) When Smoking Sings (1987) King Without A Crown (1987) The Night You Murdered Love (1987)
ABDUL Paula Straight Up (1988) Cold Hearted (1989) Knocked Out (1990)
ABLETTES (les) Jacky s'en Fout (1986) Jeunesse Sauvage (1987)
AC/DC Highway To Hell (1980) Touch Too Much (1980) Hell's Bells (1980) You Shook Me (All Night Long) (1980) Who Made Who (1986)
ADAM AND THE ANTS Antmusic (1980) Stand and deliver (1981) Ant rap (1981) Prince charming (1981)
ADAMS Bryan Cuts Like A Knife (1983) Somebody (1984) Run To You (1984) Heaven (1985)
ADAMS Bryan et TURNER Tina It's Only Love (1984)
ADEVA I Thank You (1989) Respect (1989)
ADJANI Isabelle Pull Marine (1983) Beau Oui Comme Bowie (1983) Ohio (1983)
ADLER Astrid Perds Pas Ton Temps (1988)
ADRIAN Philippe Romantic Man (1985)
ADVANCE Take Me To The Top (1983)
ADVENTURES (The) Another Silent Day (1984) Send My Heart (1984)
AEROSMITH Dude (Looks Like A Lady) (1987)
AFFAIRE LOUIS TRIO Tout Mais Pas Ça (1987) Chic Planète (1988) Succès De Larmes (1988) Ce Soir (1986) Bois Ton Café (1988)
AFFINITY I Love My Radio (1985)
AFRIKA BAMBAATAA and UB40 Reckless (1988)
AFTER THE FIRE Der Kommissar (1982)
AGATHE & REGRETS Marie-Moi (1986) Bébé, Bébé (1987) Je Veux Pas Rentrer Chez Moi Seule (1983) Tout Le Monde S'amuse (1984) C'est Normal (1985)
AGO For You (1983)
A-HA Take On Me (1985) Train Of Thought (1985) The Sun Always Shines On Tv (1985) Hunting High And Low (1986) I've Been Losing You (1986) Cry Wolf (1986) The Living Daylights (1987) Manhattan Skyline (1987) Touchy (1988) Stay On These Roads (1988) You Are The One (1988) Crying In The Rain (1990) I Call Your Name (1990)
AIDA Cupid (1985)
AIR Cherchez l'Amour Fou (1984) Qui Peut Savoir (1986)
AKASA One Night In My Life (1989)
AL CORLEY Square Rooms (1984) Cold Dresses (1985) Face To Face (1986)
AL HUDSON You Can Do It (1979)
AL JARREAU Roof Garden (1981) Breakin' Away (1981) Mornin' (1983) Boogie Down (1983) L Is For Lover (1985) Says (1986)
AL JARREAU et SHAKATAK Day By Day (1985)
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT Eye In The Sky (1982) Don't Answer Me (1984)
ALANA Mal de Toi (1987)
ALARM (The) Knife Edge (1986) Rescue Me (1987) Rain In The Summertime (1987)
ALBA Only Music Survives (1985)
ALANSKI Jay Comme Un Fou (1984)
ALES Patrick Parti U.S (1983)
ALEX ET LES LEZARDS Dur Dur (1980) Martine (1981)
ALEXANDRA Riviera (1984)
ALISHA Baby Talk (1985) Stargazing (1985) All Night Passion (1985) I Don't Know What Comes Over Me (1987) Into My Secret (1987)
ALIX Coeur Sans Adresse (1987)
ALLAIN Santa Monica (1979)
ALLEN Steve Letter From My Heart (1984) Message Of Love (1986) Love Is In The Air (Remix 90') (1990)
ALMOND Marc et BRONSKI BEAT I Feel Love (1985)
ALTERED IMAGES Happy Birthday (1981) I Could Be Happy (1981) Don't Talk To Me About Love (1983)
ALPHA BLONDY Brigadier Sabari (1982) Sweet Fanta Diallo (1987)
ALPHAVILLE Big In Japan (1984) Sounds Like A Melody (1984) Forever Young (1985) Jet Set (1985) Dance With Me (1986) Universal Daddy (1986)
AMAZULU Too Good To Be Forgotten (1986)
AMBROGIO Alain Coup De Foudre (1984)
AN TRISKELL Blanc, Bleu, Rouge (1980)
ANA Shy Boys (1987)
ANARCHIC SYSTEM Movie Star (1983)
ANDERSON G.G. African Baby (1983)
ANDERSON Laurie O Superman (1981)
ANDERSON Max The Night (Hey Ho Ho Ho) (1985)
ANDREA I'm A Lover (1985) Like Humphrey Bogart (1986)
ANEKA Japanese Boy (1981) Little Lady (1981)
ANGELIQUE Fan De Tes Yeux (1988)
ANIMAL NIGHTLIFE Mr Solitaire (1984) Love Is Just The Great Pretender (1985) Preacher Preacher (1985)
ANIMO Des Gens Stricts (1987) Mannequins De Studio (1988)
ANIMOTION Obsession (1984) I Engineer (1986)
ANKA Paul Put Your Head On My Shoulder (1987)
ANNABELLE Fuis Lawrence D'arabie (1987) Casanova Solo (1988) Impunément (1988)
ANNECLAIRE All Summer Long (1985) I Want (1986)
ANT Adam Goody Two Shoes (1982) Apollo 9 (1984)
ANTHONY'S GAMES Sunshine Love (1985)
ANTHRAX Anti-Social (1989)
ANTONIE Envie De Toi, Envie De Tout (1987)
ANUSIA Imagination (1982)
APOLLONIA 6 Sex Shooter (1984)
APPLEBY Kim Glad (1990) Don't Worry (1990)
APRIL Boys Come And Go (1985)
ARCADIA Election Day (1985) The Promise (1985)
ARISTIDE PADYGROS St-Pierre Et Caquelon (Cocotier) (1980)
ARMENTA AND MAJIK I Wanna Be With You (1983)
ARNAULD Carol C'est Pas Facile (1986) Musique Black (1989)
ARRINGTON Steve Feel So Real (1985)
ARROW Hot, Hot, Hot (1983)
ART COMPANY (The) Susanna (1984) This Is Your Life (1985)
ART OF NOISE (The) Peter Gunn (1986) Paranoimia (1986) Kiss (1988)
ARTHAUD Florence Flo (1989) avec Pierre Bachelet
ART MENGO Les Parfums De Sa Vie (Je l'Ai Tant Aimée) (1988) Où Trouver Les Violons (1990)
ASHFORD and SIMPSON Street Corner (1982) Babies (1984) Solid (1985)
ASIA Heat Of The Moment (1982) Only Time Will Tell (1982) Don't Cry (1983) The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (1983)
ASSEMBLY (The) Never, Never (1983)
ASTA (D') Claire La Chanson De Prévert (1981)
ASTLEY Rick  Never Gonna Give You Up (1987) Whenever You Need Somebody (1987) When I Fall In Love (1987) Together Forever (1988) She Wants To Dance With Me (1988) Take Me To Your Heart (1988)
ASWAD Don't Turn Around (1988)  Best Of My Love (1990)
ATLANTIQUE Je N'aime Personne (1987) Poussée Par Le Vent (1989)
ATLANTIS Keep On Movin' And Groovin' (1982)
AUBERGER Etienne O Sophie (1986) Copain Copain (1987)
AUBERT'N'KO Juste Une Illusion (1986) Quand Paris S'éteint (1987) Les Plages (1987) Plâtre et Ciment (1987)
AURRA You And Me Tonight (1986)
AUSTIN Patti & INGRAM James Baby Come To Me (1981)
AUTEUIL Daniel Que La Vie Me Pardonne (1985)
AVA Burnin' (1986)
AVALANCHE Johnny, Johnny Come Home (1988) I Will Wait (1989) [Maxi]
AVENUE Imagination (1986)
AVIONS (les) Nuit Sauvage (1985) Be Pop (1986) Tombe La Neige (1987) Tu Changes (1987) Fanfare (1988) Tous Ces Visages (1989)
AYKROYD Dan And HANKS Tom City Of Crime (1987)
AZNAVOUR Charles Pour Toi Arménie (1989)
AZUL Y NEGRO La Noche (1982) No Tengo Tiempo (1983)
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