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FABRIQUE Trenchcoat Man (1987)
FAGEN Donald I.G.Y (1982) New Frontier (1982)
FAITHFULL Marianne Broken English (1979)
FAKE Brick (1985) Arabian Toys (1987)
FALCO Maschine Brent (1982) Der Kommissar (1982) Junge Roemer (1984) Rock Me Amadeus (1985) Jeanny (1986) Coming Home (1986)
FALISSARD Jean Ca Va (1979)
FALTERMEYER Harold Axel F (1984)
FÄLTSKOG Agnetha The Heat is On (1984)
FANCY Slice Me Nice (1984) Chinese Eyes (1984) Bolero (1985) Flames Of Love (1988)
FAR CORPORATION Fire And Water (1986)
FAREL Robert Les Petits Boudins (1987)
FARLEY' JACKMASTER' FUNK Love Can't Turn Around (1986)
FARMER Mylène On Est Tous Des Imbéciles (1984) Maman A Tort (1984) My Mum Is Wrong (1984) Plus Grandir (1985) Libertine (1986) Tristana (1987) Sans Contrefaçon (1987) Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces (1988) Ainsi Soit Je ... (1988) Sans Logique (1989) A Quoi Je Sers (1989)
FARNHAM John You're The Voice (1986) Two Strong Hearts (1988)
FARRE Mariella Lo Cosi Non Ci Sto (1983)
FARRELL AND THE SCHOOL-REBELS (Feat.Boney M) Happy Song (1984)
FAT BOYS The Twist (1988) Are You Ready For Freddy (1988)
FAT LARRY'S BAND Act Like You Know (1982)
FAVIER Sophie Aujourd'hui Plus Qu'hier (1984)
FATHER AND SONS Lovers Rock (1982)
FEARON Phil Fantasy Real (1983) What Do I Do (1984) Everybody's Laughing (1984) I Can Prove It (1986)
FELDMAN AND YELLOW HAND Can You Feel It ? (1980)
FELDMAN François Ma Petite Vidéo (1982) Wally Boule Noire (1984) Amour De Corridor (1985) Rien Que Pour Toi (1986) Demain C'est Toi (1987) Slave (1987) Le Mal De Toi (1988) Je Te Retrouverai (1988) Les Valses De Vienne (1989) Petit Frank (1989) C'est Toi Qui M'as Fait (1989)
FELDMAN François / JAMISON Janiece Joue Pas (1989)
FELLINI Ric Welcome To Rimini (1985)
FERNANDEZ Luisa We All Love You Superman (1979)
FERNANDEZ Nilda Madrid, Madrid (1987)
FERRY Bryan Don't Stop The Dance (1985) Slave To Love (1985) Is Your Love Strong Enough? (1986) The Right Stuff (1987) Kiss And Tell (1988)
FERRY Catherine Bonjour, Bonjour (1982) Grandis Pas (1983)
FERRY AID Let It Be (1987)
FIALKA Karel Hey Matthew (1987)
FIANCEE DU PIRATE (La) C'est Quand Même Pas A Cause (1988) Tout Et Tout D'suite (1989)
FICTION FACTORY Feels Like Heaven (1983)
FIESTA Summer Love (1983)
FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS Johnny Come Home (1985) Suspicious Minds (1986) She Drives Me Crazy (1988)
FINLAYSON Willy On The Air Tonight (1984)
FIREFLY Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side (1981)
FIRST AFFAIR Stay (Don't Hide Away) (1985)
FISCHER-Z Crazy Girl (1980)
FIVE LETTERS Ma Keen Dawn (1980) Yellow Nights, Losing My Time (1980) You Sky Me (1982) Alone (1983)
FIVE STAR All Fall Down (1985) System Addict (1985) Rain Or Shine (1986) If I Say yes (1986)
FIXX (The) Are we ourselves ? (1984) Secret Separation (1986)
FIZZ Tôt Ou Tard (1988)
FLASH AND THE PAN Waiting For A Train (1982) Midnight Man (1985)
FLASH SYSTEM La Fille De La Fm (1985)
FLEETWOOD MAC Sara (1979) Hold Me (1982) Little Lies (1987) Big Love (1987) Everywhere (1987)
FLIM FLAM Pump Up The Flim Flam (1988)
FLIRTS (The) Passion (1983) Jukebox (1983)
FLORENCE MAGIC GROUP Trading Love (1986)
FLOWCHART Ask The Boss (1983)
FLYING LIZARDS (The) Money (1979)
FLYING PICKETS (The) Only You (1983)
FOBERT Marcel and Folie Club Rap Folie (1984)
FOGLI Riccardo Compagnia (1982) Per Lucia (1983)
FOLY Liane Ca Va, Ca Vient (1988) Au Fur Et A Mesure (1990)
FONTAINE Serge Troubadour (1986)
FOOLS (The) Psycho Chicken (1980)
FOOTBROTHERS Il Suffit D'un Ou Deux Excités (1990)
FORBANS (les) Chante (1982) Tape Des Mains (1984) Flip Flap (1984)
FORCE 100 Elle Est Canon (1984)
FORDHAM Julia Happy Ever After (1988)
FOREIGNER Urgent (1981) Waiting For A Girl Like You (1981) I Want To Know What Love Is (1984) That Was Yesterday (1984) Say You Will (1987)
FORNACIARI Zucchero Senza Una Donna (1987)
FORREST Rock The Boat (1982)
FORTUNATI Michael Give Me Up (1986) Danse Avec Moi (1989)
FOSTER Vicky If You Love Me (1986)
FOX Alan Please Don't Go (1985)
FOX Samantha Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) (1986) Touch Me (I Want Your Body) (1986) I'm All You Need (1986) Hold On Tight (1986) Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (1987) I Surrender (1987) True Devotion (1987) Love House (1988) Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) (1988) I Only Wanna Be With You (1989)
FOX THE FOX Flirting And Showing (1983) Precious Little Diamond (1984)
FR DAVID Words (1982) Pick Up The Phone (1983) I Need You (1983) Play A Little Game (1984) Dream Away (1984) Sahara Night (1986) Don't Go (1987)
FRA LIPPO LIPPI Shouldn't Have To Be Like That (1986) Every Time I See You (1986)
FRAGILE Partir (1983) Trop Belle Pour Etre Vraie (1984)
FRANCE LISE Caraïbes (1985) On Vit À Deux (1985)
FRANCIS Mike Let Me In (1985)
FRANCIS Mike and STEWART Amii Together (1985)
FRANCOIS Jean Pierre Je Te Survivrais (1989) Il A Neigé Sur Les Lacs (1989)
FRANKEN Wallis Etrange Affaire (1984)
FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Relax (1983) Two Tribes (1984) The Power Of Love (1984) Welcome To The Pleasuredome (1985) Rage Hard (1986) Warriors Of The Wasteland (1986) Watching The Wildlife (1987)
FRANKLIN Aretha Jump To It (1982) I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (En duo avec George Michael) (1987)
FRANKLIN Jesse Don't Turn You Back On Love (1983) Little Angel (1985)
FREEEZ I O U (1983) Pop Goes My Love (1983)
FREIHEIT Keeping The Dream Alive (1988)
FREQUENCE Qui A Tué J.R ? (1982)
FREY Glenn The Heat Is On (1984) You Belong To The City (1985)
FRIDA I Know There's Something Going On (1982) Belle (1982) (Avec Daniel Balavoine) Shine (1984)
FRYDMAN Armand Paméla Bambou (1988)
FRIDA et BALAVOINE Daniel Belle (1982)
FUGAIN Michel Où Tu Voudras, Quand Tu Voudras (1984) Viva La Vida (1986)
FUGAIN Michel et GENEST Véronique Comme Une Histoire D'amour (1986)
FUN BOY THREE (The) It Ain't What You Do (1982)
FUN FUN Happy Station (1984) Give Me Your Love (1984) Colour My Love (1984) Baila Bolero (1986)
FUNHOUSE Dancin' Easy (1989)
FUREY Lewis et LAURE Carole Fantastica (1980)
FURNITURE Brilliant Mind (1986)
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