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S'EXPRESS S'express (1988) Superfly Guy (1988) Hey Music Lover (1989)
SABRINA Sexy Girl (1987) Boys (1987) Hot Girl (1987) Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi ? (1987) All Of Me (1988) My Chico (1988) Like A Yo Yo (1988) Gringo (1989) Yeah Yeah (1990)
SACCHI Robert Jungle Queen (1982)
SADE Smooth Operator (1984) When Am I Going To Make A Living (1984) Hang On To Your Love (1984)
Your Love Is King (1984) The Sweetest Taboo (1985) Is It A Crime (1985) Never As Good As The First Time (1986) Paradise (1988) Nothing Can Come Between Us (1988)
SAGA Only Time Will Tell (1987)
SALE AFFAIRE Hey Max, Pas de Panique (1984)
SALT'N'PEPA Push It (1988)
SAMPAN Dernier Matin D'asie (1987)
SANDERSON Richard Reality (Bo La Boom 1) (1981)
SANDRA Maria Magdalena (1985) In The Heat Of The Night (1985) Little Girl (1985) Hi Hi Hi (1986) Loreen (1986) Innocent Love (1986) Stop For A Minute (1987) Midnight Man (1987) Everlasting Love (1987) Secret Land (1988) Heaven Can Wait (1988) Around My Heart (1989) We'll Be Together (1989) Hiroshima (1990) (Life May Be) A Big Insanity (1990) One More Night (1990)
SANDY J'ai Faim De Toi (1988) Comme Je Respire (1988) A Love Too Far (1988)
SANI Stefano Una Vacanza (1983) Notte Amarena (1984)
SANSON Véronique Allah (1988)
SANTANA Hold On (1982)
SANTAROSA Atlantide (1985))
SAPRITCH Alice Slowez-Moi (1986)
SARCLON L'automate À Monnaie (1982)
SARDOU Michel et VARTAN Sylvie La Première Fois Qu'on S'aimera (1983)
SARDOU Michel K7 (1980) Etre Une Femme (1981) Afrique adieu (1982) Musica (1982) Vladimir Illitch (1983) Chanteur de jazz (1985) Musulmanes (1986) Le privilège (1990)
SATCHI Moja (1983)
SATYRICOON Les Enfants D'aphrodite (1988)
SAVAGE Only You (1984) Don't Cry Tonight (1984) Love Is Death (1987)
SAVAGE Vivien La P'tite Lady (1984) C'est Qu'le Vent (1985) Bébé J'le Sens Bien (1986)
SAVOIR FAIRE Savoir Faire (1982)
SAXON Never Surrender (1981)
SAYER Léo Til You Come Back To Me (1983)
SCALIA Marc What Did Daddy Do (1985) Toute Une Vie (1986)
SCANDALE Délit D'initié (1989)
SCARLET FEVER Lovin' You (1982) Prisoner (1983)
SCHERRER Marie Jalousie (1987)
SCHILLING Peter Major Tom (1983)
SCHMUTZ Love Games (1986)
SCHNEIDER Helen It Doesn't Matter (1988)
SCHOULER Gérard Ne Ferme Pas Ton Coeur (1983)
SCHUBERT Yann Regarde-Moi (1982)
SCHULTHEIS Jean Confidence Pour Confidence (1981) Je Largue Tout (1981) Tequila Bar (1984) Va Te Faire Voir (1987)
SCOOTER Minute By Minute (1984)
SCORPIONS Still Loving You (1984) Believe In Love (1988) Rhythm Of Love (1989) Wind Of Change (1990)
SCOTCH Disco Band (1984) Take Me Up (1985) Delirio Mind (1985) Mirage (1986)
SCOTT Marvin / KARINA If You Love Me (1988)
SCOTT Millie Prisoner Of Love (1986)
SCOTT Tony That's How I'm Living (1989)
SCRITTI POLITTI Absolute (1984) Hypnotize (1984) Wood Beez (1984)
SEAL Crazy (1990)
SEBASTIEN Patrick Bonhomme Après L'amour (1985)
SECCHI Featuring ORLANDO JOHNSON I Say Yeah (1990)
SECOND IMAGE Starting Again (1985)
SECRET SERVICE Oh Susie (1979) Ten O'clock Postman (1979) Flash In The Night (1981) Cry Softly (1982) Do It (1983) How I Want You (1984) Let Us Just A Little Bit More (1985)
SEDUCTION Two To Make It Right (1989)
SEFF Daniel Je Pars Avec Elle (1984)
SELECTER (The) On My Radio (1979) Missing Words (1980)
SELF SERVICE Elle A Des Yeux D'ange (1982)
SEMBELLO Michael Maniac (1983) Automatic Man (1983)
SERRAT Carole Suzy et Moi (1985)
SESTO Camilo / LANDERS Audrey Mi Amor (1985)
SETZER Brian The Knife Feels Like Justice (1986)
SEXTON Charlie Impressed (1986)
SHAKATAK Easier Said Than Done (1981) Night Birds (1982) Dark Is The Night (1983) Down On The Street (1984) Watching You (1984)
SHAKATAK et AL JARREAU Day By Day (1985)
SHAKIN' STREET Solid As a Rock (1980)
SHALAMAR There it is (1982) Amnesia (1984) Dancing In The Sheets (1984)
SHANNON Let The Music Play (1983) Give Me Tonight (1984) Do You Wanna Get Away (1985)
SHARKEY Feargal A Good Heart (1985)
SHARPE AND NUMAN Change Your Mind (1985)
SHEILA Et Ne La Ramène Pas (1981) Glori Gloria (1982)
SHEILA E. The Belle Of St-Mark (1984) The Glamorous Life (1984) A Love Bizarre (1985)
SHEILA and B.DEVOTION Spacer (1979)
SHELLER William Fier et Fou de Vous (1979) Ho, J'cours Tout Seul (1979) Le Nouveau Monde (1986)
SHINE Comme Un Heros (1987)
SHIRTS (The) Laugh And Walk Away (1979)
SHONA Panthère Noire (1985) Elodie Mon Rêve (1987) Au Jour Le Jour (1988)
SHOOTING PARTY Safe In The Arms Of Love (1988)
SHORTS (the) Comment Ca Va (1983)
SHOWADDYWADDY Always And Ever (1980)
SHUSHANA Les Cordes De Mon Violon (1987)
SIDNEY H.I.P H.O.P (Générique de l'émission tv) (1984) Let's Break (1984)
SILENCERS (The) Painted Moon (1987)
SILENT CIRCLE Touch In The Night (1986) Stop The Rain (1986)
SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK Love Missile F1-11 (1986)
SIMARD René et Nathalie Tout Si Tu M'aimes (1988)
SIMMONS Patrick So Wrong (1983)
SIMMONS Ryan Lucky Guy (1985) The Night Is Yours, The Night Is Mine (1985)
SIMON and GARFUNKEL Mrs Robinson (Live) (1982)
SIMON Carly Coming Around Again (1986)
SIMON David C'est Toujours Facile (1985)
SIMON et LES MODANAIS Etoile Des Neiges (1987)
SIMON Paul You Can Call Me Al (1986)
SIMON Yves Amazoniaque (1983) L'abyssinie (1985) Deux Ou Trois Choses Pour Elle (1988)
SIMONE Nina My Baby Just Care For Me (1987)
SIMONS Daniela Une Autre Vie (1984) Shout Back (1988)
SIMPLE MINDS Promised You A Miracle (1982) Someone Somewhere In Summertime (1983) Waterfront (1983) Don't You Forget About Me (1985) Alive And Kicking (1985) All The Things She Said (1985) Sanctify Yourself (1986) Mandela Day (1989) Sign O' The Times (1989)
SIMPLY RED Money's Too Tight (To Mention) (1985) Holding Back The Years (1985) Come To My Aid (1986) The Right Thing (1987) It's Only Love (1989) If You Don't Know Me By Now (1989) A New Flame (1989)
SIMS Joyce Come Into My Life (1987)
SINCLAIR Corinne Make Up (1983)
SINGH Romie Dancing To Forget (1986)
SINITTA So Macho (1985) Feels Like The First Time (1986) Toy Boy (1987) GTO (1987) I Don't Believe In Miracles (1988) Cross My Broken Heart (1988) Right Back Where We Started From (1989)
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Dear Prudence (1983) Cities In Dust (1985)
SISTER SLEDGE Let Him Go (1983) Lost In Music (1984) Frankie (1985)
SISTERS OF MERCY (The) Temple Of Love (1983)
SKIPWORTH AND TURNER Thinking About Your Love (1985) Won't Get Not Better (1987)
SKYY Call Me (1981) Let's Celebrate (1982) Show Me The Way (1983)
SLADE My Oh My (1983) Run Runaway (1984)
SLAPSTICK Tea For Two (1984)
PETER ET SLOANE Besoin De Rien, Envie De Toi (1984) C'est La Vie D'chateau Avec Toi (1985)
SMITH Frankie Double Dutch Bus (1980)
SMOOTH Joe Promised Land (1989)
SNAP The Power (1990)
SOCCIO Gino Dancer (1979) Try It Out (1981) It's Alright (1982) Human Nature (1985)
SOLDAT LOUIS Du Rhum, Des Femmes (1988) Martiniquaise (1988)
SOFT CELL Tainted Love (1981) What! (1982) Say Hello Wave Goodbye (1982) Torch (1982)
SOLID STRANGERS Music In The Night (1985)
SOLO L'Eté En Afrique (1989)
SOMERVILLE Jimmy You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (1989) Read My Lips (Enough Is Enough) (1990)
SOMERVILLE Jimmy & JUNE MILES KINGSTON Comment Te Dire Adieu (1989)
SOMERVILLE Jimmy & UNO The Last Infanta (1988)
SONIA Listen To Your Heart (1989) You'll Never Stop Me Loving You (1989) Counting Every Minute (1990)
SOUCHON Alain Le Bagad De Lan Bihoué (1979) Ballade De Jim (1985) C'est Comme Vous Voulez (1985) Quand J'serais Ko (1988) Dandy (1989)
SOUL II SOUL Keep On Movin (1989) Back To Life (1989)
SOULSISTER The Way To Your Heart (1988)
SOUP DRAGONS (The) I'm Free (1990)
SOS BAND Take your time (Do it right) (1980) The Finest (1986) Borrowed Love (1986)
SPAGNA Easy Lady (1986) Call Me (1987) Dance, Dance, Dance (1987) I Wanna Be Your Wife (1988) Every Girl And Boy (1988) This Generation (1989)
SPANDAU BALLET To Cut A Long Story Short (1981) True (1983) Gold (1983) Communication (1983) Only When You Leave (1984) Through The Barricades (1986) Fight For Ourselves (1986)
SPARKS When I'm With You (1980) Funny Face (1981) Modesty Plays (1982)
SPARKS et RITA MITSOUKO Singing In The Shower (1989)
SPARKS et WIEDLIN Jane Cool Places (1983)
SPECIALS (the) Gangsters (1979)
SPENCER Tracie Symptoms Of True Love (1988)
SPENCER Tracy Run To Me (1986) Love Is Like A Game (1986)
SPIRITUAL SKY Ecoutez Et Répétez (Sky My House) (1988)
SPK Junk Funk (1984)
SPLENDID (Le Grand orchestre du) Macao (1979) La salsa du démon (1980) Radio Pirate (1981)
SPLENDID C'est c'la oui (Le père Noêl est une ordure) (1989)
SPLIFF Carbonara (1982)
SPRINGATE John My Life (1985)
SPRINGFIELD Dusty In Private (1989)
SPRINGFIELD Rick Jessie's Girl (1981) Don't Talk To Strangers (1982) Human Touch (1983) Love Somebody (1984) State Of The Heart (1985) Celebrate Youth (1985)
SPRINGSTEEN Bruce Hungry Heart (1980) Born In The Usa (1984) Dancing In The Dark (1984) I'm On Fire (1985) War (1986)
SPYDER-D I Can't Wait (1986) Matt's Mood (1986)
SQUEEZE Tempted (1981)
SQUIER Billy The Stroke (1981) Rock Me Tonite (1984)
ST-CLAIR Martine Lavez, Lavez (1990)
STACEY Q Two Of Hearts (1986)
STAGE Ocean Of Crime (1985)
STALLONE Frank Far From Over (1983)
STANSFIELD Lisa All Around The World (1989) This Is The Right Time (1989) What Did I Do To You (1990) Change (1990)
STANY Etrange Videoclip (1989)
STARGO Live Is Life (1985)
STARLIGHT If I Had Money (1986) Numero Uno (1989)
STARMANIA 88 Les Uns Contre Les Autres (1988)
STARSHIP We Built This City (1985) Sara (1985) Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (1987) It's Not Over (Till It's Over) (1987)
STARSHOOTER Machine À Laver (1980)
STAR SISTERS (The) Stars On 45 (1983) Hooray For Hollywood (1984)
STARS ON 45 More Stars (1981) Stars On 45 - Medley (1981)
STATUS QUO Living On An Island (1979) In The Army Now (1986)
STEELE Jevetta I'm Calling You (Bagdad Cafe) (1988)
STEFFEN Arno Supergut (1983)
STEPHANIE Ouragan (1986) Flash (1986) Fleurs Du Mal (1987) Live Your life (1987) Young Ones Everywhere (1987)
STEVE MILLER BAND Abracadabra (1982) The Joker (1990)
STEVENS Sandy J'ai Faim De Toi (1988) Comme Je Respire (1988) A Love Too Far (1988)
STEVENS Shakin' Oh Julie (1981) You Drive Me Crazy (1982) Shirley (1982) Merry Christmas Everyone (1985)
STEVENS Ray Bridget The Midget (1982)
STEVIE B. Because I Love You (1990)
STEWART Amii Knock On Wood (1979) Jealousy (1979) Rocky Woman (1981) Friends (1984)
STEWART Amii and FRANCIS Mike Together (1985)
STEWART Dave Jack Talking (1990)
STEWART Jermaine We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off (1985) Is It Really Love (1989) Every Woman Wants To (1990)
STEWART Rod Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (1979) Passion (1980) Tonight I'm Yours (1981) Young Turks (1981) Baby Jane (1983) What Am I Gonna Do (1983) Infatuation (1984) Love Touch (1985) Every Beat Of My Heart (1986) Another Heartache (1986)
STING Russians (1986) Englishman In New York (1987) We'll Be Together (1987)
STOCKS Elle Me Voit Pas (1984)
STONE Time (1981)
STRANGLERS (The) Golden Brown (1982) Midnight Summer Dream (1983) Always The Sun (1986) Shakin' Like A Leaf (1986) All Day And All Of The Night (1987)
STRAY CATS Runaway Boys (1980) Little Miss Prissy (1981) Stay Cat Strut (1981) Rock This Town (1981) Baby Blue Eyes (1982) (She's) Sexy + 17 (1983)
STREISAND Barbra Woman In Love (1980) Memory (1981)
STREISAND Barbra et SUMMER Donna No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (1979)
STYLE COUNCIL (The) Shout To The Top (1984)
STYX Babe (1979) Rockin' The Paradise (1981) The Best Of Times (1981)
STRIKERS Body Music (1981)
SUGARHILL GANG Rapper's Delight (1979) The Lover In You (1982)
SUMMER Donna On The Radio (1979) Bag Girls (1979) Hot Stuff (1979) The Wanderer (1980) Love Is In Control (1982) She Works Hard For The Money (1983) I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (1989) When Love Takes Over You (1989) This Time I Know It's For Real (1989)
SUMMER Donna et STREISAND Barbra No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (1979)
SUPERTRAMP The Logical Song (1979) Take The Long Way Home (1979) It's Raining Again (1982) Don't Leave Me Now (1983) Cannonball (1985)
SURVIVOR Eye Of The Tiger (1982) Caught In The Game (1983) I Can't Hold Back (1984) Moment Of Truth (1984) Burning Heart (1985) How Much Love (1986)
SWAN Phillipe Dans Ma Rue (1988) Suzy (1989)
SWAYZE Patrick She's Like The Wind (1987)
SWEET CALIFORNIA Jungle Jungle (1983)
SWEET CONNECTION Need Your Passion (1988)
SWEET PEOPLE Adieu Et Bonne Chance (1984)
SWEETNESS If We Will Take The Time (1982)
SWING OUT SISTER Breakout (1985) Surrender (1987) You On My Mind (1989)
SYBIL Don't Make Me Over (1989) Walk On By (1990)
SYLVERE ET LES ZAP Mama Gouyé (1989)
SYLVESTER Too Late (1984) Good Feeling (1984)
SYLVIA B. La Musique Souvenir (1983) Et Les Oiseaux Crient Mona Lisa (1986)
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