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H2O I Dream To Sleep (1983)
HAGAR Sammy Winner Takes It All (1987)
HAGEN Nina African Reggae (1979) My Way (1980) New York (1983)
HAIRCUT 100 Love Plus One (1982) Prime Time (1983)
HALL Daryl Dreamtime (1986)
HALL Daryl et OATES John Maneater (1982) I Can't Go For That (1982) Say It Isn't So (1983) Adult Education (1984) Out Of Touch (1984) Method Of Modern Love (1984) Everything Your Heart Desires (1988)
HALLYDAY David He's My Girl (1987) High (1988) Listening (1989) Wanna Take My Time (1989) About You (1990) Tears Of The Earth (1990)
HALLYDAY Johnny Mon Amérique à Moi (1982) Quelque Chose De Tennessee (1985) Le Chanteur Abandonné (1985) Laura (1986) Je T'attends (1986) Je Te Promets (1986) J'oublierais Ton Nom (1986) (En duo avec Carmel) Mirador (1989)
HAMILTON Hugues Totalement Fou D'elle (1982)
HAMMER Jan Miami Vice Theme (1985) Crockett's Theme (1986)
HANCOCK Herbie Rockit (1983) Autodrive (1983)
HANKS Tom And AYKRODE Dan City Of Crime (1987)
HANTSON Renaud Voyeur (1988) C'est Du Sirop (1989) Petit Homme (1990)
HARD CORPS Je Suis Passée (1985)
HARDCASTLE Paul 19 (1985) Don't Wate My Time (1985) Just For Money (1985)
HARDY Françoise Jazzy Rétro Satanas (1980) Tirez Pas Sur L'ambulance (1982) VIP (1986)
HARLOW Kim Touch me (1979)
HARRIS Crocodile Give Me A Good News (1982)
HARRIS Sam Sugar Don't Bite (1984)
HARRISON George Got My Mind Set On You (1987)
HARROW Den Mad Desire (1984) Future Brain (1985) Bad Boy (1985) Catch The Fox (1986) Charleston (1986) Don't Break My Heart (1987) Born To Love (1988) Holiday Night (1989)
HARRY Debbie Backfired (1981) French Kissin' In The Usa (1986)
HART Corey Sunglasses At Night (1984) Never Surrender (1985) Boy In The Box (1985)
HARTMAN Dan I Can Dream About You (1984)
HASSELHOFF David Looking For Freedom (1989)
HAYWOOD Léon Don't Push It, Don't Force It (1980)
HAYWOODE A Time Like This (1983) I Can't Let You Go (1984) Roses (1985)
HAZA Ofra Aime-Moi (1986) Im Nin Alu (1987) Galbi (1988)
HAZARD Thierry Le Jerk (1989) Poupée Psychédélique (1990) Un Jour C'est Oui, Un Jour C'est Non (1990) Les Brouillards De Londres (1990)
HEAD Murray Corporation Corridors (1982) One Night In Bangkok (1985) Picking Up The Pieces (1985)
HEAR N'AID Stars" (1986)
HEART Never (1985) What About Love (1985) Alone (1987) There's a Girl (1987)
HEARTBEAT UK Jump To It (1987)
HEAVEN 17 Let Me Go (1983) This Is Mine (1984) Train Of Love In Motion (1988)
HELENE Dans Ses Grands Yeux Verts (1988)
HENDRYX Nona I Sweat (Going Through The Motions (1985)
HERMES Corinne Si La Vie Est Cadeau (1983) Dessine Moi (1989)
HERNANDEZ Patrick Born To Be Alive (1979) Disco Queen (1979)
HERREY'S Diggi Loo / Diggi Ley (1984)
HEYWARD Nick Warning Sign (1984) Over The Weekend (1986)
HIGH INERGY He's A Pretender (1982)
HILL Jane Dizzy Night (1985)
HIPSWAY The Honeythief (1986)
HITHOUSE Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (1988) Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat (1989)
HO SAI The Last One (1986)
HODGSON Roger Had a Dream (1984) In Jeopardy (1985) You Make Me Love You (1987)
HOLLY CAT I Wanna Be Like Madonna (1987)
HOLLYWOOD BEYOND What's The Colour Of Money (1986)
HOLMES Rupert Escape (The Pina Colada Song) (1979)
HONEYDRIPPERS (The) Sea Of Love (1984)
HONG KONG SYNDIKAT Too Much (1986) Concrete And Clay (1986) No More Sorrow (1987) Girls I Love (1987)
HOOKER Tom Looking For Love (1986) Help Me (1986)
HOOTERS All You Zombies (1985) Karla With A K (1987)
HORNSBY Bruce and the range The Way It Is (1986)
HOUSE OF LOVE (The) Shine On (1990)
HOUSEMARTINS (The) Caravan Of Love (1986)
HOUSTON Thelma If You Feel It (1981)
HOUSTON Whitney Saving All My Love For You (1985) Greatest Love Of All (1985) How Will I Know (1985) All At Once (1985) You Give Good Love (1985) I Wanna Dance With Somebody (1987) So Emotional (1987) Didn't We Almost Have It All (1987) One Moment In Time (1988) I'm Your Baby Tonight (1990)
HOT FIVE Glenn M.House (1989)
HOTEL A.B.C.D (1986)
HUBERT KAH Rosemary (1982) Limousine (1986) So Many People (1989)
HUE AND CRY Labour Of Love (1987) I Refuse (1988)
HUIT ET DEMI The Days Of Pearly Spencer (1988) Angela (1989)
HUMAN LEAGUE Love Action (1981) Don't You Want Me (1982) Mirror Man (1982) (Keep Feeling) Fascination (1983) The Lebanon (1984) Human (1986)
HUMPE SISTERS No Longer Friends (1988)
HUNT Géraldine Can't Fake The Feeling (1980) It Doesn't Only Happen At Night (1981)
HUNTER John Tragedy (1984)
HUNTINGTON Eddy USSR (1986) Up And Down (1987)
HYDRA Vers Un Nouveau Monde (1988)
HYLAND Connie Girl Dreams (1985)
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