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KAAS Patricia Jalouse (1985) Mademoiselle Chante Le Blues (1987) Mon Mec à Moi (1988) D'Allemagne (1988) Elle Voulait Jouer Cabaret (1989) Quand Jimmy Dit (1989)
KAJAGOOGOO Too Shy (1983) Ooh To Be Ah (1983) Hang On Now (1983) Big Apple (1983) Turn Your Back On Me (1984)
KACEL Karim Banlieue (1983)
KAMEN Nick Each Time You Break My Heart (1986) Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (1987) Nobody Else (1987) Tell Me (1988) Bring Me Your Love (1988) I Promised Myself (1990)
KAMILLE Days Of Pearly Spencer (1987)
KANE Madleen You Can (1981) Playing For Time (1982)
KANO Another Life (1983)
KAOMA Lambada (1989)
KARINA / SCOTT Marvin If You Love Me (1988)
KASHTIN E Uassiuian (1989)
KASSAV' Wép Wép (1989)
KASSO Walkman (1982) I Love The Piano (1984) Baby Doll (1985)
KATMANDU I Wanna Dance (1981)
KATRINA AND THE WAVES Walking On Sunshine (1985) Sun Street (1986) Que Te Quiero (1986)
KATSOULOS Yianna Les Autres Sont Jaloux (1986)
KATZMAN Bo Go For Go (1988)
KAY Michael Si Etre Un Homme (1988)
KAZAN Lionel Détournement De Majeur (1987)
KAZERO Thaï Na Na (1986) Woopy Machine (1987)
KAZINO Sahara Woman (1985)
KB CAPS Dancing In The Dark (1988)
KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND Give It Up (1982) Are You Ready (1983)
KEEL Linda Paris By Night (1983)
KELLY Il Aimait Les Garçons (1985)
KELLY Philippe Les Filles Sont Des Mecs Bien (1989)
KENGEN Snack Bar (1981)
KENSI-KENSU Casanova (1983)
KENT Partout C'est La Merde (1982) On Veut Des Héros (1985) Isadora Duncan Danse (1987) Reste Encore (1988)
KENT Peter You're All I Need (1980)
KERSHAW Nik I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (1983) Wouldn't It Be Good (1984) Human Racing (1984) Dancing Girls (1984) The Riddle (1985) Don Quixote (1985) Wide Boy (1985) When A Heart Beats (1985) Nobody Knows (1986) Radio Musicola (1986) One Step Ahead (1988) James Cagney (1986) Elisabeth's Eyes (1989)
KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy (1982) Stool Pigeon (1982) There's Something Wrong In Paradise (1983) Endicott (1985) Pepito (1988)
KIDD Nadya Again (1986)
KIEM The Moneyman (1986)
KILLING JOKE Love Like Blood (1985) Sanity (1986) Adorations (1986)
KIM Sandra J'aime La Vie (1986)
KIMERA and The opéraiders The Lost Opera (1984)
KIMONO Tout Va Bien (1986)
KING Love And Pride (1984) Alone Without You (1985) Won't You Hold My Hand Now (1985)
KING Evelyn I'm In Love (1981) Love Come Down (1982) Action (1983)
KING Martin Say That Again (1985)
KING KOBRA Iron Eagle (Never Say Die) (1986)
KING MC What Have I Done For Me Lately (1986)
KINKY GO Gimme The Love (1987)
KINLEY Déborah Surprise (1985) All For You (1985)
KIRMSER Philippe Pas Besoin (1983)
KISS I Was Made For Lovin' You (1979) Dirty Livin' (1979) Crazy Crazy Nights (1987)
KISSING THE PINK One Step (1985) Never Too Late To Love You (1986)
KITSCH Chaque Fois Qu'tu Bailles (1987)
KITT Eartha Where Is My Man (1983) I Love Men (1984) This Is My Life (1986) I Don't Care (1986)
KLAXON Coeur Blessé (1985)
KLEPP Nina Queen Of Your Dreams (1985)
KNACK (The) My Sharona (1979)
KNIGHT Gladys Licence To Kill (1989)
KOEUR'S Elodie (Allo Allo Elodie) (1983) Les Clefs Du Paradis (1985) Oops Marilyn (1986)
KONGO BAND Afrikan man (1985)
KONTINI Finzy Cha Cha Cha (1985) O La La (1986)
KOOL AND THE GANG Ladies' Night (1979) Take It To The Top (1980) Celebration (1980) Ooh La La La (Let's Go Dancing) (1982) Straight Ahead (1983) Tonight (1983) Fresh (1984) Cherish (1985) Misled (1985) Emergency (1985) Holiday (1986) Stone Love (1986) Victory (1986)
KORGIS (The) Eveybody's Got To Learn Sometime (1980) If It's Alright With You Baby (1980) Sticky George (1981) Don't Look Back (1982)
KOTO Visitors (1985) Jabdah (1986)
KOVEN David Samba Maria (1983) Afrique (1985) Ne Me Dis Rien (1986) Marvin (1988)
KOXO Step By Step (1982) Shake It Up (1983)
KRANZ George Din Daa Daa (1984)
KRAVITZ Lenny Let Love Rule (1990)
KRAZE The Party (1988) Let's Play House (1989)
KRUGER Karoline You Call It Love (1988)
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