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RACHID La Fille Aux Cheveux Bleus (1987) Le P'tit Beur' (1987)
RADIO PIRATES (The) What Shall We Do With The Drunken D.J (1987)
RADIORAMA Chance To Desire (1985) Vampires (1986)
RAF Self Control (1984) Change Your Mind (1984) I Don't Want To Lose You (1985) Ti Pretendo (1989)
RAF/TOZZI Umberto Gente Di Mare (1987)
RAFT Io (C'est Ça) (1985) Yaka Dansé (1987) Femmes Du Congo (1988) Didididam (1989) Sea, Sun And Sensy (1989) Debout Gazelles! (1989)
RAGA Je L'aime Quand Même (1986) J'veux Des Filles (1987) Sahraoui (1988)
RAH BAND Clouds Across The Moon (1985)
RAMAZZOTTI Eros Una Storia Importante (1985) Cuori Agitati (1985) Adesso Tu (1986) Se Bastasse Una Canzone (1990)
RAM JAM Black Betty (1989)
RAMMING SPEED When You Walk In The Room (1984)
RAMONE Gene Romantic Face (1983)
RAMSDY JAY AND GANG Devil's Rap (1986)
RAOUL PETITE Paris Tokyo (1985)
RAPSAT Pierre Cover Girl, Quel Est Ton Nom (1982) Passagers De La Nuit (1983)
RARE BAND Why Why (1986)
RAVEN Marsha Catch Me (1984)
RAZE Break 4 Love (1988)
RE-FLEX The Politics Of Dancing (1983)
REA Chris I Can Hear Your Heart Beat (1983) On The Beach (1986) Joséphine (1987) Let's Dance (1987) Loving You Again (1987) Que Sera (1988) The Road To Hell (1989)
REA Kova Nuit D'amour (1988) Annabelle (1989) Soudain Il Ne Reste Qu'une Chanson (1990)
READY FOR THE WORLD Oh Sheila (1986)
REAL LIFE Send Me An Angel (1983) Catch Me I'm Falling (1983) Face To Face (1985)
RED Axelle Kennedy Boulevard (1990)
RED BOX Lean On Me (1985) For America (1986)
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Knock Me Down (1989)
REED Vivian Faith And Fire (1981) Loving Him Loving You (1983)
REGINA Baby Love (1986) Beat Of Love (1986)
REGRETS Je Veux Pas Rentrer Chez Moi Seule (1983) Tout Le Monde S'amuse (1984)
RENAUD Viens Chez Moi J'habite Chez Une Copine (1980) Mon Beauf' (1980) En Cloque (1983) Morgane De Toi (1983) Mistral Gagnant (1986) Miss Maggie (1986)
RENE and ANGELA I'll Be Good (1985)
RENEE et RENATO Save Your Love (1982)
RENIER Yves P.c.v (1986)
RENO Mike and WILSON Ann Almost Paradise (1984)
REO SPEEDWAGON Keep On Loving You (1980) In Your Letter (1981) Keep The Fire Burnin' (1982) Can't Fight This Feeling (1984)
RESIDENCE NOCTURNE Plus Jamais Pareil (1987)
REYNOLDS GIRLS (The) I'd Rather Jack (1989)
RICHARD Cliff We Don't Talk Anymore (1979)
RICHARD Pascale Soir de Blues (1984)
RICHENEL Dance Around The World (1986)
RICHIE Lionel Endless Love (1981) avec Diana Ross You Are (1982) All Night Long (1983) Running With The Night (1983) Hello (1983) Say You Say Me (1985) Ballerina Girl (1986) Dancing On The Ceiling (1986) Se La (1986) Love Will Conquer All (1986)
RICCHI e POVERI Sara Perche Ti Amo (1981) Voulez Vous Danser (1984)
RICKSTER Night Moves (1989)
RIGHEIRA Vamos A La Playa (1983) No Tengo Dinero (1983)
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS (The) Unchained Melody (1990)
RINGER Catherine et LAVOINE Marc Qu'est Ce Que T'es Belle (1988)
RINGO Qui Est Ce Grand Corbeau Noir (1979)
RISQUE Thunder And Lightning (1982)
RITA MITSOUKO Marcia Baila (1985) Andy (1986) C'est Comme Ça (1986) Les Histoires D'A (1986) Le Petit Train (1989)
RITA MITSOUKO et SPARKS Singing In The Shower (1989)
RITCHIE FAMILY (The) I'll Do My Best (1982)
RITCHY Poupée Sucrée (1982) Parle à Mon Coeur (1983) Musique Ma Folie (1984)
RITZ Locomotion (1979)
RIVERS Dick Nice Baie des Anges (1984)
RIVERS Mark Shine On Dance (1985)
RIVIERE Véronique Capitaine (1989) Tout Court (1989)
ROBEY One Night In Bangkok (1984)
ROBINSON Smokey Being With You (1981)
ROCCO Marina (1990)
ROCK STEADY CREW (The) Hey You (1983)
ROCKERS REVENGE Walking On Sunshine (1982)
ROCKIN' SIDNEY My Toot Toot (1995)
ROCKWELL Somebody's Watching Me (1984) Obscene Phone Caller (1984)
ROD Just Keep On Walking (1983)
ROD Pascal On En Fera Quelqu'un (1986)
RODOLFO Y SU TIPICA La Colégiala (1982)
ROE Soledad (1990)
ROGERS Kenny I Don't Need You (1981)
ROGERS Kenny/EASTON Sheena We've Got Tonight (1983)
ROLLING STONES Start Me Up (1981) She Was Hot (1984) Rock And a Hard Place (1989)
ROMAN HOLLIDAY Motormania (1983) One Foot Back In Your Door (1985)
ROMANTICS Talking In Your Sleep (1983)
RONDO' VENEZIANO Rondo' Veneziano (1980)
RONETTES (The) Be My Baby (1990)
RONSTADT Linda & INGRAM James Somewhere Out There (1986)
ROQUES Christine Premiers Frissons D'amour (1987) Sale Menteur (1988) Jérémy (1988)
ROSS Coming Up (1986) Don't You (1987)
ROSS Diana Upside Down (1980) I'm Coming Up (1980) My Old Piano (1980) Endless Love (1981) Avec Lionel Richie Muscles (1982) Chain Reaction (1985)
ROSS Jimmy Fall Into A Trance (1982) First True Love Affair (1982)
ROTH-PLATEN Thierry Zumba (1987)
ROUSSOS Demis On Écrit Sur Les Murs (1988)
ROXANE Impatience, Impatience (1984)
ROXANNE Charlene (1985) Give A Little Love (1986)
ROXETTE Never Ending Love (1987) The Look (1988) Listen To Your Heart (1989) Dressed For Succes (1989) Dangerous (1989) It Must Have Been Love (1990)
ROXY MUSIC Dance Away (1979) The Same Old Scène (1980) Over You (1980) Jealous Guy (1981) Avalon (1982) More Than This (1982)
ROY Patrick J'Veux Tout Ca (1985)
ROYAL HOUSE Can You Party (1988)
RUBI Me He Enamorado De Un Fan (1982)
RUN DMC Walk This Way (1986)
RUSH Jennifer The Power Of Love (1984)
RUSHEN Patrice Forgets Me Nots (1982)
RUSSELL Brenda Piano In The Dark (1988)
RUSSELL Eric Le Feu De La Nuit (1987)
RUSSO Giuni Good Goodbye (1982)
RUSSO Philippe Magie Noire (1986) En Pleine Lumière (1987)
RUTHERFORD Paul I Want Your Love (1989)
RYAN Patty You're My Love, You're My Life (1986)
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